A step-by-step tutorial on how to move into Decentraland

Decentraland, a 3D “virtual space browser-based” platform that allows trading in a virtual world, was made available to the public in February 2020. It is looked after by the Decentaland Foundation. 

Now in the latest news as of October 26, Decentraland has simplified the way for interested individuals to enter into its virtual world. Having said that, anyone who doesn’t know how to make the move can follow the below steps to enter and discover Decentraland on their own. 

How to enter and navigate Decentraland?

Here is a step-by-step guide to follow.

Step 1: Enter ‘Decentraland’ followed by visiting https://play.decentraland.org to enter ‘Genesis Plaza.’

Enter your interest area through an Event page link. At the bottom of the event listing you have interest in, click ‘Jump In.’ 

Step 2: Choose to play via your wallet or as a guest.

Decentraland can be entered in two ways, via a crypto and without it. Crypto wallet is mandatory if you are keen to save your avatar permanently for return visit and to claim wearables.

To know how to get a wallet as a beginner, visit

Step 3: Make your avatar and customize it to portray your metaverse version. You can choose to be anyone you want. 

If playing via a wallet, extra wearables or emotes, i.e. animations can be bought in the marketplace.

Step 4: Watch a quick tutorial to find out how to control the avatar since all it needs are a mouse and keyboard.

A few useful commands could be found in the image below. 

Step 5: You are all done. Feel free to walk around, interact with others through the chat box that’s given on the bottom left. You can also be a part of exciting events.

Explore the official video

Decentraland has even shared a YouTube video to enable users to have a smooth entry and enjoy it to the fullest. The beautiful and well-defined video is a must to see for a better understanding and clarity.