Adidas debuts NFT wearables in the category, Virtual Gear NFT Collection


  • Adidas is carrying forward its legacy into its interoperable wearables as the next stage of the brand’s ‘Into The Metaverse.’
  • The recent Virtual Gear enables one to hold pieces they find special and can be traded as well.
  • The brand has made sure that the limited line rewards those who are with Adidas in its Into the Metaverse journey since the beginning.

Over twenty years ago, Adidas launched its famous campaign, ‘Impossible is Nothing’ and proved that the brand sees the world from the point of view of what it can be and not what it is. Looks like it still stands by the same ideology and is making the best of advanced and Web3 technologies, according to Erika Wykes-Sneyd, Adidas’s Web3 Studio Global VP.

In December 2021, Adidas began its journey Into the Metaverse (ITM) and launched its Web3 goal. 30,000 licensed Adidas Originals NFTs were issued too.

The collection was sold in hours and the brand raised $23 million USD via sales of NFTs in partnership with Punks Comic, Bored Ape Yacht Club and Gmoney. 

Post debut, owners had the liberty to burn their non-fungible tokens and receive physical merchandise in April this year. 

The brand unveiled Phase 2 of Into the Metaverse in May this year and organized a grand NFT airdrop to surprise owners by unboxing the hidden content in their mysterious capsules.

Adidas has now unveiled its Web3 initiative’s next phase by unboxing Virtual Gear, its first interoperable product. A few days back, Today NFT News also reported Adidas Renders ‘Unbox The Impossible’ With Web3 Strategy.

The inaugural 16-piece collection of Adidas’ virtual wearables is launched as non-fungible tokens to the wallets of NFT owners of Phase 2 Capsule. 

Erika shared that with the Virtual Gear collection, every owner of the capsule holds the choice to burn besides expressing their virtual identity or list as well as enable others to become a part of the community. 

Through this collection, Adidas has emerged with the digital world to connect its past with the future and blend the real and virtual with 16 outfits that are designed for online avatars.

Every piece is interoperable with several other PFP NFT collections, virtual worlds and identity-themed projects. Owners can use the new PFP dressing tool of Adidas and flex their outfits on various PFP avatars and different types of metaverses. 

For the ITM project, Adidas partnered with compatible partners having the same values as the brand. By sharing their originality, the brand’s community of owners and creators inspired the Virtual Gear. 

Adidas is completely involved in the community-based mentality of Web3 alongside partnerships and innovations.