Adidas Renders ‘Unbox The Impossible’ With Web3 Strategy


  • Adidas project introduces a new web3 strategy for ‘Unbox The Impossible’.
  • Indigo Hertz confirms some details, still keeping the rest as a big mystery.
  • Hertz hints at a new look and feel, fresh new strategy and some grand visualizations.

Adidas Originals announced the Into the Metaverse NFT holders about its fabulous next project. Adidas BAYC, Indigo Hertz made announcements about its next phase of web3 journey to begin soon starting 16 November. Adidas Originals’ holders will no doubt get to “Unbox the Impossible” in the coming days.

Adidas is rolling out its Web3 project in quite a memorable way through its Capsule Collection NFT. Although Indigo Hertz helped provide some details, the content in the box still remains a big mystery.

Indigo Hertz states that a new look, fresh strategy with grand visualization is on its way, and the world is going to see, with the support of CONFIRMED, Adidas Originals and our partners. 

On November 16, the holders will see the final asset that’s actually been cooking up in the lab. Adidas is setting quite the standard for other brands that are entering Web3.

Bored Ape Yacht Club, Punks Comics, GMoney, and NFT disruptor embark on a digital journey with the holders. ITM holders will get exclusive merchandise and digital products. In December, 30,000 NFTs worth of this collection was sold out in December 2021 at .02 ETH each, resulting in Adidas making $22 million USD in an afternoon.

As per the sources, Adidas’ ‘Unbox The Impossible’ is going to make quite a wave among the NFT holders as well as people new to crypto, as Adidas is already a giant brand in the market.