Affyn launches Nexus World Metaverse


  • Lucaz Lee announces Singapore as the first Metaverse city.
  • There will be 2,000 NFT land properties.
  • Freeholders will be able to rent out areas to other participants.

Affyn’s flag sale is going on, and to make it more fun, Affyn is moving forward with its Nexus World metaverse, unveiling Singapore as the first metaverse city. This first virtual city has 2,000 Freehold Land NFT plots, with many more cities to follow in the following months.

Affyn is a Singapore-based firm that creates mobile games with embedded geolocation and virtual reality capabilities utilising blockchain-powered technology. Affyn is a gaming innovator with a sustainable game system in which prizes acquired in the digital world can also be used in the actual world.

NEXUS World by Affyn uses mobile geolocation characteristics in metaverse cities that are linked directly to the physical world, which indicates that each of the 2,000 Land NFTs links to a simple site in Singapore.

Every property in Affyn’s NEXUS World is defined by a hexagonal tile measuring about 15,047.5 square metres and 65.9 metres per side. These plots are further classified by “rarity” levels such as everyday, rare, epic, and mythical. Moreover, the NFTs are the NEXUS World metaverse’s digital depiction of real estate.

Additionally, every land plot has a unique set of temperatures and characteristics, including grass, sand, rock, and snow biomes, among others. The number of available traits in each land is proportional to its rarity. Users with higher land levels will have access to greater perks.

Freeholders could lease out pieces of digital real estate to other players and organise games, parties, and other projects to boost profits after constructing the land. Each property in the NFT is essentially a town, with the property owner serving as president. This allows landowners to build a variety of enterprises on their property and offer services to other players.

Lucaz Lee, Founder and CEO of Afynn, said the launch of Singapore as the first metaverse city is a significant milestone and describes their continuous dedication to the product development plan.