After acquiring Genie, Uniswap launches its own NFT aggregator


  • The tool will support users to save up to 15% on gas fees when shopping for non-fungible tokens.
  • Despite the decline in NFT sales, Uniswap Labs is still bullish in terms of the future of the market.
  • Uniswap Labs’ aggregator is going to be the very first prominent NFT platform that will open source its front-end code and will be gas-efficient.

Decentralized exchange Uniswap, on November 30, announced that from now users can trade NFTs on its native protocol. The function will display non-fungible tokens collections for the purpose of sale on platforms such as Sudoswap, NFT20, OpenSea, X2Y2, LooksRare, Foundation, NFTX and Larva Labs. 

According to the statement, to provide users the top-notch experience they expect from Uniswap, the aggregator has been created to offer quick indexing, effective execution, provide improvise prices and secure smart contracts. 

Based on claims of Uniswap, while utilizing Uniswap NFT that unite ERC-20 and NFT swapping into one swap router, users can save up to 15% on gas costs in comparison to other NFT aggregators. Incorporated with Permit2, it is possible for users to swap NFTs and multiple tokens in just one swap as well as save gas fees. 

The Universal Router smart contracts powers the NFT aggregator and UX smart contract Permit2 optimizes it. 

The statement added that Permit2 and Universal Router were designed to enhance the products, ease user transaction flows, optimize gas costs and enhance security. Other applications will benefit from incorporation of such contracts. 

Uniswap said that it is airdropping over 5M USD Coin to specific real users of Genie, NFT aggregator, according to an April 15 wallet snapshot as well as providing gas rebates to the first 22,000 users of NFT. The gas rebate will operate for just two weeks besides being capped at 0.01 ETH.