After crossing the 53,000 DApps adoption mark, Polygon becomes new home to Decentraland


  • Decentraland is introducing a metaverse city on Polygon that is powered by Polygon.
  • These proposals were verified by Decentraland in a press statement on October 17.
  • The metaverse construction site will cover 16 acres.

Decentraland has made public its intentions to introduce Crystal Metropolis, a metaverse city, on Polygon. Businesses, artists, and other producers will be able to rent space in this new metropolis at reasonable rates. Crystal City’s architecture, according to Mark D’Andrea, co-founder of LEDY, aims to inspire astonishment and foster creativity. Through new events and experiences, the project will become a significant landmark and a place for exploration, social engagement, and discovery.

According to a senior executive from Decent Amusements named Rob Dixon, LEDY and Felipe have made it feasible to convert the Central Marketplace neighbourhood into something out of this world. It will be a dependable location for artists and businesses to establish their existence in the metaverse thanks to the advanced and standard services.

Moreover, the development team says Crystal City will transcend the bounds of the current physical universe. In order to deliver a unique and immersive experience that is only achievable in the digital world, the new initiatives will also test the laws of physics and matter.

Tenants and developers will be free to use their ideas and create unique magical locations in Crystal Metaverse City. Additionally, Decentraland has galleries, host offices, events, the tallest observation deck, and stores. Additionally, event, tower, and marketplace spaces will be available for hire by makers and merchants. Brands will be able to rent undeveloped acres and construct special headquarters buildings in Crystal Metaverse City.

Continuing in the Twitter thread, Decentraland also shared that Polygon provided a platform to over 53,000 DApps at the end of September.