Amber Vittoria’s latest NFT collection, ‘Untitled’, launched via MoonPay artist


  • Last week, OpenSea’s rankings were won by Untitled.
  • Untitled is the most recent NFT collection from poet and artist Amber Vittoria.
  • The Vittoria collection with MoonPay has been launched as part of “our Artist in Residence program.”

Untitled, the most recent NFT collection from poet and artist Amber Vittoria, topped OpenSea’s rankings last week. Shortly after selling out on Friday, the project rose to third place in terms of the daily trading volume.

As part of “our Artist in Residence initiative”, Vittoria has officially introduced its debut collection with MoonPay. The program, which was unveiled in October, aids up-and-coming female, non-binary, and underrepresented artists in the NFT field.

The self-service NFT minting technology called HyperMint, developed by MoonPay earlier this year was used to manufacture the NFTs in the collection. The project sold out in less than an hour after mint began.

From this month on, Vittoria will start holding Twitter spaces and events to provide information about her interesting universe. As part of this, she will select the upcoming artists in residence and attend special events to talk about her web3 adventure.

Her appearance on the platform is a part of MoonPay’s artists in residence initiative, which aims to assist up-and-coming female artists in the NFT sector. Additionally, the platform gives each selected artist a shoutout each month so they may share their stories with the community.

The poem “Untitled / Unlabeled, / Morphing / As I’m able” by Vittoria served as the inspiration for Untitled, which consists of 1,530 NFTs. The project’s description on OpenSea states that the collection’s artworks are inspired by Vittoria’s connection to “femininity, emotion, and identity.”

According to Kayla Santos, head of brand marketing at MoonPay, “the Artist-in-Residence program was developed to drive equity in the creator economy with a specific emphasis on female and marginalized populations.”

Vittoria reframed expectations, completely rejecting the lofty aspirations of the fashion industry and its exclusive model of what defines perfect beauty, in her quest to destroy outdated gender-biased stereotypes through art.

Users who took part in the mint had the chance to receive a 1:1 NFT. Following a 24-hour reveal, holders learned if their NFT was a 1:15, 1:15, or 1:30 version.