Animoca Brands Portfolio, Transak Integrated With Coinbase Wallet


  • Animoca Brands’ Portfolio “Transak company” announced its collaboration and integration with Coinbase Wallet.
  • This integration of the two companies will ease global onboarding. The transfer between states will be easier and smooth.
  • There are other companies with whom Transak is looking forward to partnering by the end of 2022 and early 2023.

Transak, the portfolio company of Animoca Brands, has recently announced its partnership with Coinbase Wallet. Transak is a company with a single integration and has now opened ways for Coinbase Wallet users to access their software as a fiat-on-ramp for buying crypto.  

Transak is an application providing easy KYC, Monitoring risk and compliance, smooth payment methods, and appreciable customer support. It has more than 100 partners in their ecosystem to reduce the complexity.

Southeast Asia is highly profited due to this integration of Transak and Coinbase Wallet. Its new announcement about the local payment method in the Philippines and Thailand promises to remove barriers in their payment transaction using the Coinbase wallet. 

The local payment methods of the Philippines, like GCash, Maya, GrabPay, or simply through a debit/credit card, can be used to buy crypto by using Transak. Thailand users can do the same by direct bank transfer and credit and debit cards.

It has been assured by Hassan Ahmed, the Regional Director of Southeast Asia at Coinbase, that the integration of Transak with Coinbase Wallet will make payments safer. 

The world is now opting for safer options; they want to keep their assets safe and secure, within their control, and that is why the self hoisted wallets are growing in popularity. Coinbase wallets are one of them, assuring customers of safe and well-secured transactions.