Axie rolls out a vision of its ongoing project Axie Core


  • Axie shares the vision of Axe Core, an ongoing project designed to provide an aesthetic Axie experience.
  • Axie aims to build and develop the emotional bond between you and your axies.
  • Axie core acts as the foundation for all gaming experiences on Axie.

One of the most prominent online gaming universes, Axie Infinity, recently shared its vision on there one of the most awaited projects, Axie Core. It is said that Axie Core is not bounded or tied to any particular game; it is solely universal and provides an aesthetic Axie experience. The aim is to enhance the emotional relationship between you and your axies.

There are a few of the features of Axie that can best define Axie’s core and its vision. Like equipping accessories, Upgrading parts, Breeding (with a more immersive breeding interface), Downloading an avatar or profile picture (PFP), and Axie raising (feeding, petting).

All the above-mentioned features will act very crucial in establishing a strong and powerful emotional connection between you and your axies. As the world is now entering into an all-new digital and tech-based ecosystem, the Axie team believes that the relationship of hooters with their Axies will become the core of their digital identity. Although it was always a part of their goal, it was put on hold as the team was much more involved in the development of infrastructure and game experience.

Axie core acts as a flywheel between the gaming and collectible areas of the ecosystem and is a foundational glue for all Axie gaming experiences. As a result, the emotional connection between the players and their axies will grow, establishing a community and economy that is stronger and more resilient.