BAYC’s Shilly’s music video “I’m Boring” is out now


  • BAYC #6722, Shilly released the music video for “I’m Boring.”
  • Shilly, Atrium, and Zen Doubt collaborated on the project for months.
  • Digital Access Passes for minting will be live by late January 2023.

The debut music video “I’m Boring” by Shilly, created in collaboration with Atrium, has finally been released. The artists have been quietly working on this project for the last 2.5 months together with Zen Doubt and are very proud of it.

Shilly, aka BAYC #6722, is a community-produced recording artist on a journey to become The Otherside‘s biggest rockstar. A lot of people are not very familiar with the term “community-produced recording artist.” 

Shilly will be a “community-produced recording artist,” which means he will be supported by a community of artists, storytellers, music enthusiasts, dreamers, and believers to help her rise from boredom to stardom.

The band can develop a new type of music community by utilizing the magnificent potential of Web 3. one in which the first supporters are more than just fans but also partners who will co-write lyrics with Shilly’s band, submit storylines that could be turned into songs, and vote on crucial band choices. 

Those whose contributions are used in official releases will be honored and rewarded because a web-based music community requires a genuine investment in the artist’s prosperity. According to them, the artist is the community, and the community is the artist.

Regarding the minting procedure, they have notified users that Digital Access Passes would be available for purchase in late January. They’ll provide specifics on rarity, levels, pricing, utility, and every other detail as they get closer to the mint. To get into the shilly-verse, they’re inviting users to their discord to be one of the first.