Beeple is ready to handle the physical world through innovation


  • Beeple has unveiled a physical studio space that’s being made in his own home base of Charleston.
  • Beeple believes that the current NFT bear market needs the presentation of digital art in the real world.
  • Till date, he remains one of the most successful names in the NFT industry.

Beeple is all set to come up with innovation in the real world.  

On Thursday, popular NFT artist as well as pioneer, Beeple, announced on Twitter about a real studio being made in his Charleston’s home base. Featuring a sped-up video and naming it ‘BUILD,’ he showed a bigger warehouse going through refitting. 

Promoting the new project, Beeple shared an emotional message mentioning that he hopes that upon showing people that the artwork can be shared as well as praised in real life and not only on tiny screens, they will realize that this medium is similar to others and has the potential to evoke thoughtful decision, bring beauty as well as truly move everyone.

He also mentioned that presenting digital art in the real world is what the non-fungible market actually requires during the ongoing downturn. 

Additionally, he said: 

The entire digital art/NFT community coming together and experiencing digital artwork IRL (in real life) is something that I think will help bring in the next wave of collectors.

The step has been taken when the market is going through the bearish trend, which has left the trading volumes of NFTs going through a massive hit.