Binance announces joining trade association Digital Chamber


  • Binance announces joining the digital trading chamber.
  • The collab will advance crypto and blockchain legislation development.
  • Digital Chamber executive shared the firm is working on building inclusive financial infrastructure.

On December 20, 2022, Binance announced they joined the leading blockchain and crypto trade association, Digital Chamber, via Twitter. 

Engaging in partnership with legislators, regulatory agencies, and industry groups like the Chambers is fundamental for Binance as an organization at the core of the sector’s fast development and complicated regulatory system. 

This effort is critical to their objective of supporting the long-term development of sound cryptocurrency and blockchain legislation that, in turn, safeguards consumers, says Joanne Kubba, the Binance VP of Public Affairs.

Blain Rethmeier, VP of Public Affairs, Chamber of Digital Commerce, commented that The members represent the major organizations dedicated to constructing the infrastructure required for a more sound and inclusive financial system. 

Binance has emerged as a pioneer in this new ecosystem, and we are delighted to welcome them and their contributions to the Rheum Executive Committee.

He added that the crypto exchange team work hard to create a stable and inclusive financial system and represent leading organizations. Binance is a perfect addition to our Executive Committee as a leader in this emerging ecosystem and the Chamber has established itself as an influential voice in blockchain technology policy.

Binance VP of Public Affairs Joanne Kubba said They are excited to collaborate with the Chamber and discover long-term solutions as people embrace Web3 and the new phase of the world economy.

Through this collaboration, they will become familiar with, support, and come up with solutions for some of the most pressing problems facing the digital industry. Their activities will include studies, forums, technical committee meetings, and conversations with legislators and regulators.

The Chamber’s Executive Committee decides on priorities and strategies. The Chamber is the world’s first and largest trade association for the blockchain industry. Its mission is to encourage the adoption and utilization of digital assets and blockchain-based technology. 

The Chamber is currently trying to create a pro-growth legal and regulatory climate that fosters innovation, job creation, and investment through education, lobbying, and close collaboration with legislators, regulatory agencies, and the industry.