Budweiser’s Budverse x FIFAWorldCup NFT Collection drops on October 14


  • Budweiser announces Budverse x FIFA World Cup NFT collection release date on Twitter.
  • The collection dropping on October 14 will feature a unique digital scoreboard that allows users to follow their team during the World Cup on the NFT.
  • A “Budweiser Football merch kit” that can be redeemed after purchase will also be included with each mint.

According to a recent tweet from Budweiser, its NFT collection, Budverse, will launch a collection in time for the FIFA World Cup.

The project’s mint is scheduled for October. The “Budweiser World Cup Kit” will also be produced, including a Budweiser World Cup scarf, a Budweiser can that changes colour, and a Budweiser Football trading card. Since we have been the FIFA World Cup’s sponsor for more than 30 years, we wanted to capture the contagious enthusiasm of football supporters worldwide to inspire others to pursue greatness, no matter what the path to get there might entail.

Everyone who mints NFT will be eligible to win the 360 Experience. Budweiser claims that the 360 Experience features World Cup Finals match tickets, a Doha desert experience, food, housing, and a hyper-rare 1/1 Gold NFT to assist you to take in this momentous occasion in style.

According to Todd Allen, Global Vice President of Marketing at Budweiser, “As the FIFA World Cup’s longest-running sponsor, we wanted to capture the contagious global energy of football fans everywhere to inspire people to find the conviction to strive for greatness, no matter what the journey to get there might look like.

He further added, Messi, Neymar Jr., and Sterling’s perseverance in overcoming obstacles in the pursuit of excellence has inspired the team over at Budweiser, as well as fans all around the globe that roadblocks can be overcome. Allen hopes the new ad serves as a reminder to that for fans.