Christie’s auction house’s investment firm invests in Proto.Inc


  • The Hologram company Proto after multiple collabs, joins Christie’s Venture.
  • Christie’s Ventures has invested an undisclosed amount into Proto Inc., a hologram maker.
  • Their auction house sold a total of 5.9 million dollars in revenue for 87 NFT lots in 2022.

The Christie’s auction house is leveraging the 3D holographic technology to showcase blockchain-based art in their global galleries, thus going beyond digital frames and bringing in 3D holographic technology to blockchain art. 

Christie’s Ventures invested in Proto Inc a Hologram maker company. Proto eventually joined Christie’s Ventures after the two companies had multiple collaborations.

Artists like Alberto Giacometti and Edgar Degas in 3D and NFT art placed the fRiENDSiES collection in their  March auction.

The company during its seed round had raised $3 million and venture debt from Western Technology Investment firm, bringing total investment in the LA startup to $20 million. Venture capitalists like Tim Draper and Mike Walsh, and True Capital Management firm had also backed the company.

The benefits of these holographic art forms are associated with the minimization of the risk of environmental impact or carbon impact, unlike the traditional art form.

Christie’s Ventures started to support the early stages of art-related Web3 and fintech startups, especially buying and selling art.

Christie VC’s Devang Thakkar has stated that hologram is a new medium to showcase fine art of all forms 

Proto has developed a device which is a box-like device of various sizes which can display presentations by Christie’s curators and executives in hologram form in life sizes.

Their auction house had sold 5.9 million dollars in revenue selling 87 NFT lots in 2022. The sculpture living Architecture casa Batllo sold for 1.4 million dollars at a live auction.