Com2uS Expands XPLA Gaming Ecosystem with Major Franchise Titles on Oasys Network


  • Com2uS launches XPLA Verse on the Oasys network with two major games.
  • Summoners War Chronicles and The Walking Dead All-Stars are now part of the XPLA ecosystem.
  • This move aims to attract more East Asian users and enhance the gaming experience with blockchain technology.

Com2uS Group, a leading South Korean game publisher, has expanded its presence in the crypto gaming world by launching its own layer-2 chain, XPLA Verse, on the Oasys network. This strategic move introduces two major franchise games to the platform: “Summoners War: Chronicles” and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars.”

XPLA Verse now hosts “Summoners War: Chronicles,” an action role-playing game derived from the widely popular “Summoners War: Sky Arena,” which boasts over 220 million downloads. Additionally, “The Walking Dead: All-Stars,” based on the acclaimed zombie comic book series, is now part of the XPLA ecosystem. These additions are part of Com2uS’s aggressive Web3 strategy, enhancing its mobile gaming presence with blockchain integration.

Com2uS has actively participated in the Oasys ecosystem, joining as an initial validator last year. Integrating its existing XPLA crypto gaming ecosystem with Oasys aligns with its goal of leveraging the network’s extensive knowledge of Japan’s regulatory framework. This move is expected to strengthen Com2uS’s market presence and attract more East Asian users.

Oasys has successfully attracted several prominent video game publishers and developers. Ubisoft is developing its first original blockchain game, “Champions Tactics: Grimoria Chronicles,” on the Oasys network, which is scheduled for release later this year. Sega has also brought its intellectual property to the network, while Bandai Namco launched an experimental AI-driven game last year. These partnerships highlight Oasys’s growing influence in the blockchain gaming sector.

Com2uS’s collaboration with Oasys is a significant step in its Web3 journey. By bringing high-profile games to the XPLA Verse, Com2uS aims to offer gamers enhanced experiences through blockchain technology. This partnership not only expands the XPLA gaming ecosystem but also underscores the potential of blockchain in revolutionizing the gaming industry.

Com2uS’s integration with the Oasys network marks a pivotal moment in the crypto gaming landscape. With the introduction of “Summoners War: Chronicles” and “The Walking Dead: All-Stars” to the XPLA Verse, Com2uS is set to enhance its market presence and attract a broader audience. The ongoing collaboration between significant game publishers and the Oasys network signifies a promising future for blockchain gaming.