Deadmau5 & Hawtin’s Pixelynx gear up to release NFT Scavenger Hunt


  • Pixelynx is set to release a part of its Elynxir this very week.
  • An AR-based scavenger hunt will be organized in Miami and those who win will assist in controlling a virtual music act in Elynxir.
  • Fans can own a digital collectible and then move into the ecosystem filled with products & experiences that will be released in the coming year.

A Pokemon Go-like AR game might turn into the initial steps towards the metaverse and the very first experience of having an NFT for music fans. Pixelynx, a Web3 startup co-founded by Richie Hawtin and Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman, hopes so. 

The startup has shared that this week it will launch its Elynxir music metaverse gaming platform with the release of an augmented reality scavenger hunt alongside the annual Art Basel event. 

Co-founder and CEO of Pixelnyx, Inder Phull, defined Go Astral, the scavenger hunt quest, to be a “Rock Band meets Pokémon Go experience.” The platform of Elynxir is being established on Polygon. 

The digital content will be layered above the real-world surroundings of users when seen via a smartphone to allow them to communicate with music-based items. Users will try to win one piece of a non-fungible token from the current blue chip profile picture project. 

Acquiring one fractionalized NFT will allow players to shape a virtual musicians’s future who will be taken on the Elynxir platform. Phull shared that they intend to gamify collaboration and coordination to enable early users to develop a virtual artist who can prosper in the forthcoming music metaverse platform. 

Phull shared that Hawtin and Deadmau5 might be among those artists who partner with the virtual act of Elynxir. Pixelynx has collaborated with a series of labels that include Mau5trap Records and Spinnin’ Records. To create a supergroup on the music metaverse platform, the virtual artist will join others.

The AR app of Elynxir utilizes the Niantic Lightship engine from Niantic and the studio has also invested in Pixelynx. Anyone who has played the smash Nintendo collaboration must find the real-world dynamic familiar. The AR app has been designed to guide new users in the world of NFTs and Web3

Elynixr is going to be a multi-platform music-based metaverse experience along with the AR app to provide functionality that exceeds the first scavenger hunt. Moreover, an even luxurious digital experience is in process with Unreal Engine and will have user-generated content besides providing opportunities for fans to partner close to musicians.

Phull shared that the first playable version of Pixelynx’s platform has been created by the electronic musician and both he and Hawtin are engaged in creating Elynxir in the metaverse for music addicts. They both are developing their technology also which will be integrated by Pixelynx into its ecosystem.