Decentraland’s music platform, BeatBlox, will let you own, trade & enjoy music in metaverse


  • Users can maintain a personal library or create to exhibit assets both on the Metaverse Music District and BeatBlox platform.
  • BeatBlox is focused on attracting new users to Web3 through the music district.
  • Reaching more than 10,000 users and 1000 artists in the short term is the goal.

BeatBlox, the recent output of a Decentraland DAO grant, aims to simplify things for artists as well as their fans in terms of connecting through Web3. It also wishes to add more to the user base for metaverse music experiences and virtual events. The Metaverse Music District of BeatBlox allows visitors to take part in a number of activities like NFT auctions, virtual concerts, events as well as mini games besides perks from instructional resources.

BeatBlox has three key pillars- Metaverse Music District, an NFT marketplace and  the Academy. Among these pillars, the aim behind the marketplace is providing value to members from exclusive material as well as presentations of its carefully chosen inventory of producers.  

Establishing the Metaverse Music District in Decentraland was a major part of the project at the time when the team at BeatBlox realized that the NFT market was all about volatility and speculation. Last week, Today NFT News reported, Decentraland tweeted what an ‘active user’ means.

In the past few months, the Metaverse Music District was completed in Decentraland. Metaverse resources are developed to allow businesses, audiences and creators to partner, explore and share in a thoughtful way.  

What remains valuable for the goal is the 34-parcel virtual district because it is there where artists and fans can experience increased interactions, either by engaging digitally at booths or meeting each other at virtual events.  

To BeatBlox, Decentraland is a gateway for virtual artist and fan interactions, which reduces the threshold for artists in terms of taking part in Web3 ecosystems. To allow the transition, BeatBlox provides an effortless pathway for artists that lets them perform on their webpage in Decentraland. 

BeatBlox allows artists to own their personal place in their music district. There’s an entire building with ‘Huts’ that are design spaces meant to be used by strategic actors. The goal here is  to let businesses channel their existence in Decentraland in an easy and affordable way.  

BeatBloxs also offers the option to participate in an online catalog. It desires that artists have new paths to earn from Polygon. This will result in a strong relationship between fans and musicians. Through the marketplace of BeatBlox, musicians have a place to sell albums, tokenized music, rare content, EPs & singles through flat-rate sales or auctions. Fans can listen to the listed tunes absolutely free but if they buy the tokenized music, they get access to extra experiences and content. 

100% proceeds will be retained by artists from primary sales. From secondary sales, it will be up to 15%.

A few days back, Decentraland announced launching its metaverse city on Polygon. Before that, it denied low active user rumors on Twitter.