Decentralized options appeal to customers as Twitter closes offices and employees resign


  • Thousands of Twitter users are migrating to decentralized alternatives as employees leave the platform.
  • Twitter employees received an email from Musk with a verdict: either commit to “working long hours at great intensity,” or get rid of their desks.
  • Twitter stated that all badge access would be temporarily suspended until Monday, Nov. 21, and urged personnel to “avoid disclosing secret company information on social media, with the press, or elsewhere.

180 people were surveyed using the business app Blind, and 42% responded, “Taking exit option, I’m free!” according to Reuters on November 18. In a different survey, 50% of participants predicted that 50% of the workforce would depart.

Users have been looking for alternatives, so it’s not just workers who are leaving Twitter in Musk‘s wake. Mastodon is one that has recently gained attention and has witnessed a spike in new registrations.A federation of independently managed, networked machines running open-source software makes up the decentralised social network.

 The second option, which is believed to include three months’ severance pay, has been chosen by a significant portion of them, causing the company to temporarily down its offices as hundreds of employees have walked out.

According to a Nov. 3 MIT analysis,Since the Twitter contract was finalised, Mastodon     claimed to have gained over a million additional subscribers. Since Musk’s acquisition, Twitter has lost the same amount of users

The decentralised social media network Bluesky Social, which intends to give users ownership over their data and will feature portable user accounts and access to “an open market of algorithms,” was also introduced by the former CEO of Twitter Jack Dorsey in October.

Dorsey hopes that his network, which runs on Bitcoin, would entice users away from Web2 social media, which is centralised and full of spam and scams.

Since Musk stated this week that he wanted someone else to lead Twitter, Dorsey has already declined to accept the role.