Del Monte takes a move into metaverse & NFTs with 8 trademark filings


  • American food production and distribution company Del Monte has filed eight trademark applications.
  • The applications were filed on the same day when Formula One also filed eight trademark applications.
  • Del Monte is entering NFTs and metaverse with the trademarks.

The list of companies and celebrities who are entering the Web3 space is growing day-by-day. One of the recent names to enter into the NFT and metaverse is Del Monte.

As shared by trademark attorney Mike Kondoudis on Twitter, the company has filed eight trademark applications on October 5. According to the details, the trademarks have been filed for DEL MONTE and The Del Monte Shield. 

The trademark applications have been filed to provide- 

  • Non-fungible tokens and NFT-supported media
  • Online virtual marketplaces
  • Virtual stores, restaurants, drinks and foods and more

Going into details, the brand will offer downloadable multimedia files including audio, video, text, artwork associated with restaurants, foods and drinks and validated by NFTs. Downloadable software for use in sending, receiving, saving, accepting as well as transferring NFTs electronically will be offered as well. 

Other plans include software for sharing, modifying, uploading, saving, transferring, validating and communicating crypto-collectibles, VR content and information, digital tokens, digital collectibles, digital files, virtual objects, images, video recordings, sound recordings, etc.

Reportedly, on the same day, Formula One also filed eight trademark applications to enter  the metaverse, NFTs and crypto.

 Meanwhile, last week, Today NFT News reported that 6366 U.S. trademark applications are filed for NFTs in 2022, which seem to have exceeded further with recent filings.