Doubled Floor Price of Helix Metaverse after the launch of its game


  • On November 23rd, Helix Metaverse announced the launch of its metaverse game.
  • The floor price of the founder pass of Helix Metaverse doubled in the last five days.
  • The game is a real-world GTA, currently building the experience of New York City.

Despite the downward spiral of crypto, Helix Metaverse has seen its floor price double in the last five days. Launched yesterday, November 28th 2022, the floor price increased considerably despite the drop in the number of traders. 

On November 23rd, the organization announced the launch of its metaverse game for the users holding its founder pass. 

The official tweet by DappRadar showcased the official price of the Founder Pass to be the cheapest at 0.345 ETH, with the floor price peaking at 0.69 ETH two days later. The current price of the FOunder Pass of the Helix Metaverse is 0.6 ETH. 

The idea of the entire game is to build an experience for the players to compete for rewards, socialize and own land. Users can relate to this experience as GTA with NFT rewards, battle royale mode, virtual buildings, and cars you own. Currently, Helix is making a virtual copy of New York City. 

The users also have access to future airdrops, including a game token called $LIX and some virtual real estate. The official channel of Helix metaverse made this announcement with a screenshot of the game on its official Twitter channel. 

Built on Unreal Engine 5, Helix is a web3-enables high-fidelity metaverse. This game disrupts the market with its open-world psychology, where players create the story.