DraftKings Partners with Deadfellaz to release zombified NFTs of NFL players


  • DraftKings, Deadfellaz, and NFL players have collaborated to create zombified NFT versions of players.
  • The NFT collection will be released on the DraftKings NFT football gaming platform.
  • Players will use these zombified NFT cards to participate in the DraftKings football game.

The craze for Halloween is at its peak in the NFT community. recently Aoki collaborated with Deadfellaz to release his Undead NFT collection.

Now, fantasy sports platform DraftKings has partnered with Deadfellaz and NFL Player Association to release Halloween-inspired NFT cards. The cards will represent the zombified version of the star players.

Deadfellaz announced the partnership and the release of zombified NFT players collection on 20th October 2022 on Twitter.

A total of 13 star players will be illustrated into zombie theme NFT playing cards. These cards will be released on 25th October 2022 on the DraftKings marketplace.

Players can use these cards to play in the fantasy DraftKings Reignmakers Football. The Reignmakers game distributes over $1 million in prizes each week to the players. The weekly game is starting on 30th October and the players are excited to get hold of the rewards.

The players in the Reignmakers game collect NFT cards and makes their own team. They earn points based on the performance of the players in real world NFL games. Players with the top score receive rewards and cash prizes.

 Some of the star players who will be transformed into Deadfellaz NFT characters are Nick Chubb, Jalen Hurts, Alvin Kamara, Kyler Murray, Deebo Samuel, and Matthew Stafford.

Matt Kalish, DraftKings co-founder and President of DraftKings North America, said,

With this collaboration, we are connecting our communities to create a Reignmakers Football experience with a Deadfellaz twist that we believe you can’t get anywhere else,

He also added,

We are excited for The Horde to experience Reignmakers Football in time for the Halloween weekend’s football matchups.

DraftKings association with the NFL Player Association made this collaboration possible as they already have the company license rights to use players’ images and names.

The Deadfellaz NFL players collection will consist of 26 cards out of which 13 cards are termed as “RARE” and the rest are “CORE”. Holders of this collection will get access to Deadfellaz contests, NFT prizes, and the chance to compete in the $1 million weekly prize contest in the Reignmakers Football game.

Deadfellaz Co-founders Betty and Psych said,

We love building bridges from the Web3 space into other communities like fantasy sports fans,.. This collaboration with Reignmakers provides a strong opportunity to innovate and bring the value of Web3 to the fantasy sports industry.