EGT’s $600K Marketing Stunt Fails to Get Recognition from Elon Musk


  • A bizarre $600K monument of Elon Musk as goat delivered to the Tesla headquarters.
  • EGT planned to get recognition from Musk by pulling off this bizarre marketing stunt.
  • Elon hasn’t made any public comments yet about EGT’s weird monument.

EGT’s bizarre marketing stunt falls flat when Tesla CEO Elon Musk doesn’t make any comments in public about their $600K monument of him as a goat. 

Earlier, Elon Goat Token (ETG) had delivered a 30–foot tall metallic monument worth $600K of Elon Musk in a goat form, weighing around 12,000 pounds, to the Tesla headquarters, as part of their weird marketing stunt.

The statue features Elon Musk’s head placed on the body of a goat and him wearing a dog collar with Dogecoin token attached around it. The conceptual design of EGT’s project was rendered in Los Angeles.

As per the memecoin EGT co-founders, Elon Musk was supposed to be a core essential part of their bizarre publicity and marketing stunt, and so his participation or response was highly expected. 

There was no response from Elon Musk regarding their extraordinary feat, even on Twitter. 

Although the EGT failed to gain public acknowledgment from Musk himself, they still amassed some massive mainstream media coverage, including Business Insider, The Wall Street Journal, and The Washington Post.

The co-founders, also Elon Musk’s “super fans”, stated that they were trying to do something that no other project has fathomed, which is to gain recognition by Musk himself.

Unfortunately for EGT, however, the $600,000 monument has failed to gain any public acknowledgment from Musk himself, at least on Twitter.