ENS Unveils ENSv2 with Enhanced Features and Lower Gas Fees


  • ENS introduces ENSv2 with lower gas costs and faster transaction speeds.
  • The upgrade includes a hierarchical registry system for better customization and control.
  • ENSv2 enhances multi-chain interoperability, making it easier to manage ENS domains across blockchains.

The Ethereum Name Service (ENS) has announced the next generation of its protocol, ENSv2. This upgrade promises lower gas costs and faster transaction speeds for .eth name management. According to ENS Labs, the new hierarchical registry system will offer enhanced customization and control, making it easier for users to manage their ENS domains.

One of the most significant improvements in ENSv2 is its enhanced multi-chain interoperability. This feature will allow users to manage their ENS domains across multiple blockchains seamlessly. By integrating Layer 2 (L2) solutions, ENSv2 will also benefit from reduced gas fees and increased transaction speeds. The team has drawn on seven years of experience to re-architect the ENS system, ensuring it meets the growing needs of the crypto community.

ENS Labs has shared a detailed technical design document outlining the changes and benefits of ENSv2. The document highlights the project’s goals and provides a comprehensive overview of the new features. Users and developers can access the document on Google Drive to gain a deeper understanding of the technical aspects of ENSv2.

ENS Labs is eager to involve the community in shaping the future of ENS. The team has presented the ENSv2 proposal to the ENS DAO, inviting feedback and suggestions from the community. A governance post on the ENS discussion forum outlines the proposal and encourages community members to share their thoughts.

The ENS team is also planning a series of events to discuss the proposed changes, starting with a Space event hosted by ENS. This event aims to provide more details about the migration plan, technical specifications, and timelines for ENSv2. The team hopes to engage with the community and gather valuable insights to refine the proposal further.

ENSv2 represents a significant step forward for the Ethereum Name Service. By addressing key issues such as gas fees and transaction speeds, ENSv2 aims to provide a more efficient and user-friendly experience. Introducing a hierarchical registry system and enhanced multi-chain interoperability will offer greater flexibility and control to users. As the ENS team continues to gather feedback and refine the proposal, the community’s involvement will be crucial in shaping the future of ENS.