Flamengo partners with MoonPay to launch sports Web 3.0 products


  • Flamengo collaborates with MoonPay to launch Web 3.0 products.
  • They are planning to launch multi-year loyalty programs, unique experiences, and exclusive offers.
  • Flamengo is Brazil’s largest sports franchise.

Flamengo has partnered with MoonPay to build and launch several exclusive Web 3.0 products. Through the partnership, both companies are looking forward to launching multi-year loyalty programs, membership benefits, premium offers, and unique experiences for the users.

The move comes with a hope to attract customers and sports fans through immersive Web 3.0 products. According to the announcement, Flamengo aims to increase football fan engagement digitally through ticketing, merchandise, and marketing.

Ivan Soto-Wright, co-founder and CEO of MoonPay said,

NFTs and web3 technology have helped increase fan engagement and loyalty as well as create new revenue streams worth hundreds of millions of dollars for sports teams around the world, 

Flamengo’s Vice-President of Marketing and Communications, Gustavo Oliveira said,

This is another important contract we are signing with an international brand, which shows how engaged we are in once again growing Flamengo’s name with brands outside of Brazil,

With this announcement, MoonPay is also becoming the sponsor of Flamengo’s basketball team in the new season.

It is MoonPay’s first step towards the sports sector in the Web 3.0 space. Earlier the company was in the news for launching HyperMint. It is a user-friendly platform that allows brands to mint their own utility NFTs.

MoonPay also introduced a new feature last month that enables users to buy and sell crypto using their Gmail account.

MoonPay is gradually progressing in the digital realm. Recently it has managed to raise $3.4 billion in funds.