Flowcarbon joined forces with Project GodJira and Creature World


  • Flowcarbon has joined forces with Project GodJira and Creature World and added the two leading digital art projects to its climate-positive decentralized art collection.
  • Project GodJira will offset over 700 tons of carbon emissions in order to become carbon negative and suggest other Web2/Web3 projects to offset their emissions.
  • The partnership is aimed at illustrating the ability of blockchain to unleash and rapidly compound social impact for Web3 projects.

A leading climate technology company, Flowcarbon, which is well-known for bringing out solutions aimed at reduction and removal, has entered a partnership with two of the leading art projects, Project GodJira and Creature World of Danny Cole, to its climate-positive decentralized art collection, Flow3rs. 

The newly launched collection of 200 works of distinct digital art, a notable portion of which will go toward retiring carbon offsets from projects based on nature around the world. It has been revealed that Creature World and PG will be obtaining a commensurate number of carbon credits to offset historical and current emissions from their decentralized art collections and more. 

The Co-Founder of the PG, Shan, released a statement regarding the same that said that as the industry is moving towards becoming more and more sustainable, this is rising as an opportunity to continue the impulse and motivate NFT projects to offset even more emissions that they would be responsible for.

In this partnership, Creature World will be offsetting about 600 tons of carbon emissions along with the emissions from the liver events and art installations of the World. As revealed, Creature World is aimed at making the experience of life magical, and this clearly means making sure that future generations of us will be able to experience life as they are able to. 

Dana Gibber, the CEO at Flowcarbon, has recently revealed that blockchain has the power to catalyze alteration for climate action. NFT projects carry the potential to not just become carbon neutral but to extend support to the environment by going carbon negative and ensuring that it makes a real-world impact.