Forbes and The Sandbox enter the metaverse with an interactive multiplayer experience


  • Forbes and The Sandbox collaborate to make set foot in the metaverse with a collective multiplayer experience.
  • The event will be from December 14 at 3 PM UTC to December 28 at 3 PM UTC.
  • Players completing all the challenges in the Forbes experience will get entry into the 50,000 SAND pool prize, which will be distributed later on.

The global media company Forbes and The Sandbox, a leading metaverse platform, collab and take a step into the metaverse with an interactive multiplayer gaming experience. The collaboration will allow the players a chance to enjoy and experience the famous Forbes party atmosphere in the metaverse.  

Players can also learn something new about Forbes, the history of Forbes, Malcolm Forbes’ interests, and the 30 Under 30 Gallery. 

Adding further, players do have the option to buy premium Forbes wearables, so they will have stunning accessories to flaunt while participating in The Sandbox experiences. 

To test your knowledge and make the experience more fun, NPCs will be there who will share fun facts about Forbes and even challenge you. Apart from being a place where players will discover Forbes and its facts, the Forbes Hub is also a place where one can meet others, create new bonds, and spend quality time with new friends in real Forbes spirit. Also, you can flex your moves or maybe visit the restaurant together. 

The event will be open from December 14, at 3 PM UTC, to December 28, at 3 PM UTC, for anyone who truly wishes to enjoy this holiday season and indulge themselves in the Forbes lifestyle. 

All the players who will complete all the challenges in the Forbes experience will become eligible for the 50,000 SAND prize pool, which will be later awarded to the qualified players.   Depending on how many other players have finished the experience, a player will receive a specific amount of SAND.  

The Sandbox has also prepared a unique NFT giveaway for those who would like to keep their memories of their time spent at the Forbes Hub.