How to create NFT art – 5 Simple Steps Explained

How to create, buy and sell NFT art is one of the most asked questions by NFT lovers. This blog answers the very first part of this question, i.e. how to create an NFT art. Pushing behind all the complications, here you will find simple, easy and to the point yet complete information.

How to make NFT art

Step 1: Choose the item & create a MetaMask account

Pick the asset to be turned into NFT, which could be anything like a meme, art, video game collectible, picture, video, music or gif. Having IP rights to this item is a must to keep away from legal issues.  

Moving on to the MetaMask account, username, password or an email are not needed. The account can be logged in upon linking the account with a crypto wallet. 

MetaMask can be used absolutely free. Instead of installing the app, it even allows adding the MetaMask extension to the Chrome browser and it’s all done.

After adding the extension, instructions have to be followed to get the MetaMask account, which requires creating a passphrase and saving it.

Step 2: Choose the blockchain 

Now is the time to mint the rare asset.  Select a well-established and secure blockchain. Though there are several blockchains available, Ethereum is considered the best for creators and artists. However, since its gas fee is quite high, Polygon is a very reliable option to keep away from unnecessary expenses. 

Step 3: Set up the crypto wallet

Generally, most of the creators think that setting up a crypto wallet requires adding ETH to pay the gas fees so as to create an NFT art on Ethereum. However, there’s a money-saving alternative as well. 

Now they can mint the NFT on Polygon, thanks to their team for redesigning their NFT Minter. Using it, everyone can create NFTs not only with custom utilities but without paying any gas fees too.  

Step 4: Choosing the suitable marketplace

The marketplace to create and list the NFT needs to be picked at this step. The most preferred ones are OpenSea, Nifty Gateway and SuperRare etc.   

Generally, OpenSea is considered the best and can be joined for free. Also, there’s no need for an artist to seek approval.

Once the marketplace is finalized, it is the time to set up the account followed by connecting the wallet. 

Step 5: Create an NFT

Now the wallet is connected to the marketplace. Let us consider OpenSea here.

  • In the top menu, click ‘Create’ to create a collection
  • Enter the needed details and click ‘Save’
  • Now starts the minting process 
  • Click on the new item and upload the art
  • Enter all the preferred details
  • Click ‘Create’ and it’s done

Store the NFT safely

Things do not end after the NFT has been created, as protecting it is very important. And when it comes to how to safely store your NFTs, hot wallets and cold wallets are two options to choose from.


How do I advertise my NFT art?

List your NFT art on Today NFT News’ NFT calendar.

How to buy and sell NFT art?

To sell an existing NFT art, visit your profile and click on the preferred NFT. Select the ‘Sell’ button that’s at the top right. To sell the art for a fixed price, choose ‘Fixed Price.’ If you want buyers to bid on the NFT, choose ‘Timed Auction.’

To buy an NFT, visit the marketplace, scroll through all the good options and choose the one you find worth investing money on.

Why is NFT art so expensive?

Since celebrities and investors have entered the NFT market, the prices have gone up like crazy. Other reasons include future value, ownership and utility.

How to sell NFT art freely?

Paying a certain fee is necessary to sell NFT art.