Internet browser Mozilla announces acquisition of Active Replica; Goes all-in on metaverse


  • Mozilla, the legendary web developer, has joined the rush of legacy internet platforms with its acquisition of Active Replica.
  • The partnership is aimed at helping in the creation of virtual events and accelerating in-demand work, onboarding improvements, and personalized subscription tiers.
  • Mozilla says this collaboration is a key opportunity to bring enhanced innovation and creativity to Hubs than we could alone.

In a recent announcement, the legendary web developer and internet browser Mozilla made an announcement regarding the acquisition of Active Replica as a segment of its Hubs creator ecosystem in order to enhance digital experiences in the metaverse

Active Replica, an immersive experience developer, is joining the Hubs creator platform of Mozilla in order to stretch a helping hand in the creation of virtual events. In accordance with what Mozilla had to say, the acquisition is going to be important in order to accelerate in-demand work, onboarding improvements, personalized subscription tiers, and adding new features to the Hubs engines. 

As per the official announcement released on Hubs, Mozilla mentioned that both companies are going to benefit from one another, with factors being scale and development capacity. This is considered a key opportunity to bring elevated innovation and creativity to Hubs than Mozilla could have done alone. 

The next day, Mozilla made another announcement regarding the acquisition of Pulse, a machine learning developer, signaling the pivot of Mozilla to focus on the internet’s future. 

This goes without saying that the metaverse is continuing to draw attention, and this development from Mozilla is yet another addition to it. In the meantime, as activity is heating up into digital reality, global leaders such as the World Economic Forum have started to think about a universal metaverse policy.