James K. Filan shares thoughts on Hinman Documents


  • James K. Filan gives his opinion on the Hinman document and the sealing issue.
  • He made some crucial predictions about the outcomes or results that Judge Torres would give out. He also addresses the approach the judge might take.
  • He believes the Judge will decide everything and rule on the summary motion.

On the morning of December 1st, James K. Filan gave his opinion and views on the Hinman Documents. He put light on the  Summary Judgement motion and the extraordinary sealing issue. He attached a document on his Twitter as his thoughts were impossible to express within a single thread.

The first thing that he believes is that there will be absolutely no reference to the Hinman document in the upcoming replies on the sealing issues. He states, as, in the past, the reference has been redacted, the same thing will be done again in this case too. After January 9th, only Judge Torres will rule on this specific case.

According to Filan, there are three major issues, Summary Judgement motion, Expert Challenges, and Sealing Issue relying on Sec and Ripple in the motion.

Filan suggests, according to his thoughts, the Judge will work in a reversed backward manner. First, she will finish the Summary Judgement Ruling, then a decision will happen, and she will unseal it. Then if Judge Torres does not rely on it, it will become moot. 

The same pattern will be followed in expert motion. Filan believes there will be a separate ruling on the sealing of the expert material that is relied on by the party. He also adds that the Judge will take all the decisions together, and she will rule to motion for summary Judgement.