Know about PUBG’s NFT on the Banger Platform


  • NFTs are being introduced by the popular battle royale game PUBG through a new platform called Banger.
  • License to Kill, an alpha challenge where players compete to get the most kills, is one of the greatest.
  • In this case, Banger will also take into account all blockchain components.

Through a brand-new platform dubbed “Banger,” the well-known battle royale game PUBG is introducing NFTs. Banger, a gaming hub that will debut in 2023, enables games to incorporate NFTs into their ecosystems. By enrolling in the Banger alpha, users can obtain a unique, non-tradeable digital collectible.

One of the best alpha challenges is License to Kill, in which players attempt to score the most kills. A player will perform better and receive more points for headshots the higher their level. In the game Kill Frenzy, players are tasked with running over as many people as they can. The top 10 results are shown. To score the maximum points in the game Ghost Killer, players use sniper rifles to get kills as far away as possible.

Nicolas Gonzalez, Banger’s chief product officer, claims that the platform’s alpha version will show how users of games like PUBG can use platforms like Banger without having to make an initial investment or have their gaming experience changed. 

Due to the platform’s novel features and limited digital collectibles that users may own and display to demonstrate their involvement in Banger from the start, the platform’s alpha test is anticipated to draw a sizable audience.

It’s important to note that in March of this year, Krafton, the PUBG publisher, announced a collaboration with blockchain startup Solana Labs to create and commercialize blockchain- and NFT-powered games that function on the Solana network.

Having the function constructed and maintained in-house carries a risk due to the surge in blockchain-related scams. As a result, gaming firms like PUBG are always searching for a white-label platform that can handle the integration of NFT as well as its security and ongoing maintenance.

Banger will consider all components of the blockchain in this instance as well. It won’t be necessary for PUBG to set aside some time to read the part.

The gaming industry is constantly adopting NFTs to make the virtual environment more engaging and dynamic. The desire of players to own a virtual asset has been noted. To raise their worth, these digital assets are either exchanged or created. When Banger incorporates NFT into the PUBG ecosystem, it will be a test for both companies.