Laya Matikshara sells her first art on NFT for $1 million


  • Laya Matikshara sells her first art on NFT for $1 million on Foundation.
  • Her work ‘What If the moon has Life?’ was sold for 0.39 ETH .
  • She further added that the Metaverse is the following big social media.

One of the recent artworks, ‘What If Moon has life?’ with a reserve price of 0.384400ETH, was sold for 0.39 ETH on the NFT platform called Foundation. Created by Laya Matikshara, a 15-year-old girl from Chennai Public School, she has successfully sold this NFT worth $1 million. 

In an interview with Analytics India Magazine, she talked about her journey and how she started to explore the world after she joined the social audio app, ‘Clubhouse’. Accidentally, she came across a room where digital artists talked about things like Crypto, NFTs and Ethereum, which led her to explore the web3 world. 

Furthermore, she added that this was her first NFT art, and one of her friends from the clubhouse helped her in selling that art. After that, she started working on the Metaverse and sold her first work to another young girl. She also hosted a gallery or exhibition by pulling 20 global artists who curated their art pieces. 

As a result, she started with Foundation and then moved to various other platforms such as Superrare, Makerplace, and Async. She also leveraged the power of Social Media by sharing her learning and knowledge on Instagram. 

She further specified that she was only nine years old when she started programming, and the entire experience has been an eye-opener. She further added that Metaverse would be the following social media, and this technology will raise the power of decentralisation.