Lexus Performance Driving School offers unique NFTs of completion to participants


  • LPDS has emerged as a famous destination for everyday drivers, professional racing drivers and entry-level drivers.
  • Increase in the scope of LPDS has led to addition of exclusive elements, which includes the recent NFT as a digital certificate.
  • The 45-second video received by participants is based on Polygon, where NFTs can be minted by guests and owned permanently.

Can you imagine driving an LC 500, a Lexus RC F and an IS 500 F SPORT Performance? Can you imagine controlling the 2.24 mile track and sharing the experience with your loved ones? 

Lexus Performance Driving School (LPDS) is looking forward to offering such experiences. Guests are offered a rare NFT that displays the individual performance of every person in class along with a video footage showing them driving. 

Until now, 130 plus LPDS participants have got NFT certificates after completing a class in Monterey in August. These non-fungible tokens included vehicle data, event information and personalized footage by Toyota Connected. For those who don’t know, it is an independent software in the Toyota ecosystem on the Polygon platform

Each LPDS event enables guests to drive Lexus top-notch vehicles at the most legendary racecourses in the U.S

There are about 40 daily participants and each one of them has a one-day curriculum featuring lead-follow exercises, autocross lapping and a skidpad experience on the main track. 

The LPDS is the only venue that is providing its guests a living memory package directly from driving experience. Moreover, it is the only popular automaker-led attempt that aims at offering a non-fungible token that uses live vehicle information. 

Guests get a snapshot of vehicle analytics while receiving the LPDS NFT. Statistics such as lap times, average speed, g-force achieved and more, the new offering enables drivers to share results on social media. 

More than three-quarters of the total participants of the weekend came forward to register so as to view as well as get a personal NFT from Laguna Seca. 60 plus guests minted their NFTs to Polygon right after a few days of the event. All these people now belong to a standard circle of drivers who can win rewards, enjoy their success and even chart new territory.