Life Beyond Metaverse launches with Animoca Brands’ Darewise Entertainment and Skinavders


  • Animoca Brands subsidiary Darewise Entertainment and Skinvaders recently collaborated with luxury footwear brand SWEAR London to launch their first SWEAR NFT collection in the Life Beyond metaverse.
  • Life Beyond is an online multiplayer role-playing game designed to provide players with an overall different and real experience of digital ownership over their game assets.
  • The metaverse of Life Beyond is the ideal platform for SWEAR London to create its brand experience.

The prominent international game studio and subsidiary of Animoca Brands, Darewise Entertainment, and Skinvaders, a new-generation platform with cutting-edge technology, are introducing digital fashion to the metaverse. 

These two recently have officially revealed their partnership with SWEAR London, a luxury made-to-order footwear brand, and they will be launching the very first SWEAR NFT collection in the Life Beyond metaverse.  

The announcement was made over the official Twitter handle of Animoca Brands, where the collaboration and the news of the NFT collection were revealed.  

Life Beyond is an AAA science fiction multiplayer online role-playing game designed and launched by Darewise Entertainment. The aim is to provide players with a distinctive off-world experience and real digital ownership over their game assets.  

The game is based on a complex and comprehensive digital community on an alien planet that features all different virtual cultural and fashion items, also including renowned SWEAR’s 90s chunky platform shoes.  

SWEAR London to craft its overall brand experience while keeping its natural principles of sustainability and personal expression; Life Beyond’s metaverse will act as an ideal platform for this. 

This collaboration offers Skinvaders the opportunity to establish itself as one of Life Beyond’s leading developers of digital fashion.   

The CEO of Sinvaders, Florent Sroka, added that the company is extremely happy and feels honored to power such a prominent and iconic brand as SWEAR as they make their initial steps in the virtual world.