Marc Jacobs & Herman Miller to enter NFTs & metaverse through trademark filings


  • Marc Jacobs has filed a trademark application to enter NFTs and metaverse.
  • Herman Miller has also filed a trademark application with interest in NFTs and metaverse.
  • The trend to enter NFTs and the metaverse through trademark filing has spiked recently.

Marc Jacobs filed a trademark application on August 2 with plans to step into the expanding world of NFTs and metaverse. Trademark attorney Michael Kondoudis took to his Twitter account to post the announcement. 

Based on the application submitted to the USPTO, the fashion company will offer- 

Another company to file the trademark application on the same day is Herman Miller. 

Producer of home furnishing goods, office furniture and equipment is also looking forward to entering NFTs and metaverse. The company will offer-

  • Non-fungible tokens;
  • Virtual goods like home decor, furniture, outdoor furnishing, etc;
  • Financial services like electronic transfer of a digital token or currency;
  • Online retail store services to offer virtual goods. 

Earlier this month, Today NFT News reported that Carhartt is the recent clothing brand to enter NFTs and metaverse.