Mayfair Hotels and Resorts to launch NFTs in partnership with BIT


  • Mayfair Hotels plans to launch its own NFT Souvenirs .
  • Mayfair has partnered with Beyond Imagination Technologies, BIT.
  • BIT to assist Mayfair in its cryptocurrency project on an ongoing basis.

Mayfair hotels and resorts are going to shake hands with Beyond Imagination Technologies. The idea is to make hotels and resorts innovative to increase revenue. BIT is going to help Mayfair Hotels and Resorts create its own NFT Souvenirs. 

In the years to come, blockchain-based projects like those announced by BIT are likely to gain traction since hotels and resorts are more innovative than ever in an effort to increase their customer base and increase revenues in the wake of the epidemic. 

However, as the hotel industry develops, the past serves as an inspiration for the present. For instance, the successful private member programmes of the 20th century that hotels and airlines established as a way to thank their consumers for their brand loyalty are reminiscent of these NET keepsakes. 

The founder of Beyond Imagination Technologies, Nikhil Goyal, commented on the collaboration by stating that “hotels and resorts must stay up to speed to remain competitive because the pace of change in the hospitality market is unmatched.

BIT believes that by using NFTs, we can offer hospitality brands ways to improve their relationships with their guests and expand their revenue streams. It is a blockchain startup devoted to offering solutions to everyday problems. Even though Mayfair Hotels is already a well-known brand, by embracing NFTs, it may expand while keeping its specialised identity. 

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Therefore, joining together with BIT can only be excellent news for our future growth, both in terms of retaining our current customer base and attracting new ones. The Mayfair brand will continue to set the highest standards in the premium market thanks to this agreement, which will also improve the services we provide to our clients.