Mercedes-AMG Petronas launches NFTs in partnership with digital artist MBSJQ


  • The Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1TM team has launched 3 NFTs to commemorate the 2022 race season and bring fans closer to the team.
  • Fans can collect, trade, and enjoy incredible artwork.
  • Proceeds from the auction will be split between Ignite and the Spinal Injuries Association in honor of Sir Frank Williams.

Mercedes launched its very first NFT project, NF-G, in January in collaboration with ART2PEOPLE. The project was an effort of five international artists from various fields who created a unique one-off digital work in the form of an NFT. The project was launched on Nifty Gateway and the artworks sold for between $222 and $1,554.

Talking about the current scenario, Mercedes has partnered with British digital artist MBSJQ to step further into NFTs. The elite automaker is releasing three exclusive NFTs that are inspired by the dedication and positive outlook of the Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1 team.

The first NFT has been named, Evolution, and it celebrates all things inspirational and is bundled with a real-life item- George Russell.

Discussing the NFT in a blog post, Mercedes has defined Evolution as:

In this futuristic setting, Astro is appreciating, respecting, and connecting with a true piece of art, The Mothership. Here lies Evolution, where good things take time. When you have a consistent, inspiring, and passionate racing driver within your team, the future is something to be excited for.

The second NFT is based on Lewis Hamilton and has been named Home Coming. According to the luxury automaker, the particular NFT celebrates ‘all things British.’ The scene shows Astro jumping out of the car. The entire image displays positivity, creativity, and free-flowing energy.

Coming to the third NFT, Mothership, it celebrates all things ‘Super Human.’ In an announcement, Mercedes wrote: 

Mercedes-AMG Petronas Formula 1, the true meaning behind teamwork, vision & passion. A team built on positivity, a team-building on success. The Mothership is the hub of the team, a place where the drivers become one. A place where they work together to achieve the same goal; success.