Meta and Superblue joining hands at Art Basel in Miami to launch a food-tasting experience


  • Meta and Superblue are joining hands to launch a food-tasting experience that utilizes virtual reality headsets.
  • Participants will revealingly don Meta Quest 2 headsets in order to see the flavors and textures of the food rendered in VR.
  • The experience will be taking place between November 28 and December 4 at the Superblue art installation warehouse.

In a recent announcement, it was revealed that Meta and Superblue are partnering in order to facilitate the launch of a food-tasting experience that makes use of virtual reality headsets. The experience is dubbed “Aerobanquets RMX,” and in this experience, participants will don Meta Quest 2 headsets to witness the textures and flavors of the food rendered in VR. However, it should be noted that they will be tasting real food. 

To facilitate the creation of this experience, Superblue has entered a partnership with Mattia Casalegno, the Founder of Aerobanquets, top Chef judge Gail Simmons, and chef Chintan Pandya. It should be noted that Casalegno was responsible for the VR art in the experience, while Pandya cooked the food for participants, and Simmons narrated the VR part of the experience. 

The mixed reality experience is inspired by the Futuristic Cookbook by Tommaso Marinetti, which was published in 1932. If you are interested in participating in the experience, then you must note that you have the option of a standard experience and a VIP experience. The standard experience will cost around $58 per person, and its duration will be 30 minutes. 

As for the VIP one, that experience costs $200 per person and lasts for an hour while featuring ten bites. The experience is all set to take place between November 28th and December 4th, with the venue being the Superblue art installation warehouse. 

Superblue has maintained a reputation for hosting the most interesting exhibitions at its warehouse, including those that are a combination of art and technology.