Minterpress’ WordPress Plugin Unlocks Web3 for Creatives


  • New WordPress Plugin Minterpress was launched by Blokhaus.
  • Minterpress helps anybody anywhere to unlock Web3 creatives and showcase it.
  • The plug-in lends creators and artists the ability to mint and display their work.

On 3 November in New York, an industry-leading agency Blokhaus launched a new WordPress plugin, Minterpress, that allows creators and artists to mint and easily display NFTs, said to be eco-friendly, on their own WordPress website.

Built on the energy-efficient Tezos blockchain, the Minterpress plugin is a one-of-a-kind open-source NFT tool that helps collectors and creators not only mint NFTs but also hosts eco-friendly NFTs on WordPress. 

These minted NFTs don’t have any negative downsides and they are completely energy-efficient. 

The open-source plug-in helps artists display the true authenticity of their creations, empowering them to take charge of their creations’ aesthetics and display them on their WordPress site. Now with this plugin, artists will no longer have to depend on centralized NFT marketplaces to promote their products. 

To top it off, artists don’t have to know how to code with Minterpress, they can simply create a gallery of NFTs to showcase it on the website.

Tezos’ low costs to mint and transact NFTs have amassed a diverse NFT community of builders, collectors, and artists across the globe. 

Using this WordPress plugin, creators and artists can now truly work at showcasing their creative work while maintaining originality and authenticity in their work. That’s the kind of leverage that comes with this particular plugin called Minterpress. It’s really empowering for all creators and builders worldwide.