MoonPay announces partnership with Krapopolis for the show’s debut NFT collection


  • MoonPay has collaborated with Krapopolis to simplify access to their debut NFT collection.
  • Krapopolis’ collection will include chickens from the animated comedy series.
  • The first season of Krapopolis will be released on Fox in 2023.

MoonPay is excited to partner with Krapopolis, the animated comedy show, on the latter’s first NFT collection’s launch. The announcement has been shared by MoonPay on its official Twitter account.

Krapopolis and the Fox Broadcasting Company will allow effortless access to the launch through NFT Checkout, which is the first-ever NFT service in the industry and makes it possible for users to straight away buy a non-fungible token using a debit or credit card. 

Also, it has been established for marketplaces, brands, and creators who wish to offer users access to non-fungible tokens

The animated comedy show is set in legendary ancient Greece and follows a family of gods, humans, and beasts who attempt to dominate one of the first cities in the world. Krapopolis is the first animated series that’s been curated on the blockchain and enables Krapopolis NFT owners to vote for the content of the show.  

The show will be an entry point into the NFT space for both Fox as well as producers Bento Box. The visual assets to be displayed in the show will be sold as non-fungible tokens, with Krap chickens being the first. There will be 10,40 Krap chickens, which is also the total number of seconds it would take a chicken to run a marathon.

 Not only are owners enabled to vote on what will happen in the show, but the collection’s NFTs also unlock early access to unique content like private experiences, token-gated screening rooms, and exclusive merchandise. In June, Fox Entertainment invested in NFTs $100M to digitize TV shows.