MoonPay’s Deep Objects NFT Collection rally straight to OpenSea top position


  • The first NFT collection for Deep Objects is currently the most well-liked item on OpenSea.
  • The NFTs in Collection 001 were produced using MoonPay’s self-service NFT minting technology, HyperMint, which was introduced in June.
  • Machine learning will be used to create an endless number of sneaker pictures for Collection 001.

Just after minting ended on October 10th, the first NFT collection for Deep Objects, a group of curators committed to pushing the limits of design and technology, shot to the top trending position on OpenSea.

The self-service NFT minting technology launched by MoonPay in June, HyperMint, was used to create the NFTs in the collection, Collection 001. The project sold out in less than nine minutes after mint began.

In Collection 001, machine learning will be utilized to generate an infinite number of sneaker images. Numerous potential outcomes will be condensed into one final result through the procedure.

Holders of the current-generation NFTs have access to the design studio. After entering the studio, participants will be guided through a process that employs game theory and curation to construct their shoes.

The project will have a second phase in which 30 lucky holders will see as the award-winning design team at FTR converts their 2D sneaker NFT into a 3D prototype. The third and last step entails using cutting-edge technology to transform one of the 30 remaining sneakers into a genuine work of art.

Deep Objects intended to establish an AI engine that democratizes the design of cultural artifacts by reimagining how artificial intelligence may enhance the design and emphasizing the importance of human participation. The project has been developed covertly for almost two years by the FTR creative agency, whose clients include Nike, PUMA, Google, Marni, Kendrick Lamar, Travis Scott, and Daft Punk.

Why use AI to power a decentralized design studio? H.U.E. is more about leveraging the power of collectively intelligent design for Deep Objects than it is about developing a tool that can design more effectively than humans.

Highsnobiety, a renowned international publication for fashion and lifestyle, just featured Collection 001. Future collections for active holders will be free of charge.