Nasdaq reports title Animoca Brands as the most funded Metaverse developer


  • Animoca Brands was discovered to have closed the most deals in the metaverse throughout the past year with 15 concluded sales.
  • The figures show that during the previous year, 216 finance agreements for the metaverse valued at close to $2 billion were completed.
  • The study found that this year, investors were more interested in larger metaverse platforms.

Numerous prominent individuals and businesses in the sector have also referred to the bear market in cryptocurrencies as a “builder’s market.”

Investors continued to pour money into Web3 initiatives, especially those related to the metaverse, according to new data from Nasdaq, demonstrating that they possessed this mentality.

According to the data, 216 finance arrangements for the metaverse worth close to $2 billion were finalized during the previous year. The principal building components, or “support” based services, were at the top of the financial pool. He stated:

Digital architects, game designers, AI developers, content creators, and custom metaverse services were suddenly needed to build metaverse experiences.

With 15 finalized sales, Animoca Brands, a significant developer of the metaverse ecosystem, was found to have completed the most deals in the metaverse over the past year. In 2022, the company got capital totaling more than $564 million. Additionally, it has disclosed its intention to start a $1 billion metaverse fund for industry developers.

According to the research, investors paid more attention to bigger metaverse platforms this year. However, this opens the door for future, smaller, more specialized undertakings. Particularly those with “open metaverse” plans will have the advantage, according to Nasdaq.

In 2022, Animoca Brands has finished the most metaverse transactions overall, per the research. This is consistent with the company’s mission to contribute to the development of the open metaverse.

Agreements were reached with support groups, open metaverse platforms, and developers of Web 3 games. Polygon Studios, a different ecosystem builder, actively recruited new metaverse companies to the Polygon blockchain. It’s noteworthy to observe that, before its demise, Alameda Research displayed a discernible interest in the metaverse.

According to the report, significant investment will continue to be made in support services for AI and avatar businesses. The expansion of open metaverse platforms will also decide the subsequent stage of development, along with improved economic models and GameFi usability.

Over 90% of customers are interested in learning more about the metaverse and how it will affect their digital experiences, according to a new survey.