New NFTs From Iconic Fashion Photographer Nick Knight Combine Fashion And Metaverse


  • Nick Knight, 64, is a pioneering famous fashion photographer who was among the first and most well-known photographers to use digital film as a medium for showcasing fashion.
  • Nick Knight in collaboration with Jazzelle Zanaughtti, a well-known model and Instagram sensation has launched the new NFT initiative.
  • 8,000 unique digital artworks in a limited edition make up the new NFT initiative.

The debut of the NFT collection ikon-1 marks Nick Knight’s first foray into the metaverse as a photographer, filmmaker, and the creator of the groundbreaking fashion website ShowStudio.

Knight views emerging technologies like 3D scanning, NFTs, and artificial intelligence-generated generative art as new tools for creativity rather than a threat to already-established formats and tools. He draws inspiration from the commotion that fashion photography caused more than a century ago.

ikon-1 is a collection of 8,000 original pieces of art that combine more than 200 different characteristics that more than 30 different artists have contributed. Pictures feature creations by the digital agency Studio PMS, Marian Newman Nail Art, Eugene Souleiman Hair Art, Romain Gaulthier, and Tony Murray Digital Fashion. The project will use the blind mint structure, which is currently one of the models many PFPs prefer.

Nick Knight has brought on more than 30 creatives to help with more than 200 qualities, including clothing, beauty products, hair, and nails. Other well-known digital fashion designers like Tom Wandrag, Scarlett Yang, and Linxi Zhu are involved in the NFT project.

He remarks through Zoom chat while dressed in his trademark fitted black suit, white shirt, and pocket square,

The critique I hear about digital art is that it is soulless—it is made by a machine—but that is no different from the birth of photography.

The artist adds some soul to it. The artist must give this digital work the same soul as a painting.

Nick Knight and DressX have also worked together to offer a brand-new wardrobe in the metaverse. Ikon-1 NFT owners will be able to experiment with digital wearables for their avatars thanks to the metawardrobe. The creation of Nick Knight’s avatar is planned for the next year.

Renowned luxury businesses have become interested in the NFT mint among the crypto community. Givenchy and RTFKT’s CloneX are just a couple of the companies that have given their support to the new endeavor.