New York Knicks All Set to Launch ‘New York Forever’ NFT Collection on Coinbase


  • The Knicks to launch ‘New York Forever’ NFT Collection on Coinbase.
  • The first batch with 9 NFTs and real-life benefits will begin on 25 October.
  • The sale of the 2nd batch will begin at 8 PM UTC and the 3rd batch at 9 PM UTC.

The New York Knickerbockers are all set to launch their new project to pay homage to basketball, its culture, and its innovation. The Knickerbockers will showcase the NFT collection, ‘New York Forever’ on the Coinbase marketplace, in collaboration with several talented local artists. Their unique collection will comprise 9 NFTs with real-life benefits.

Nine Knickerbockers NFTs within 24 Hours

The sale of this NFT collection will begin today October 25th. This collection won’t be released in the open market but sold as part of a 24-hour auction at 7 PM UTC.

The remaining 2nd batch is scheduled to happen at 8 PM UTC and the 3rd batch at 9 PM UTC. The ‘New York Forever’ collection comprises work by “Freehand Profit”, a local digital artist, who also happens to work on FREEverse, a Web 3.0 project.

NFT Tickets set for the Celebration of the New NBA Season

Winners from the 3 auctions will each gain access to tickets for the 2022-2023 NBA season at the Madison Square Garden arena. The support generated by the ‘New York Forever’ NFT Collection will definitely help. The Knicks have been missing out on a championship title for the past 49 years. 

In February this year, Coinbase plans to host a “Knicks Kicks & Cocktails Gala Party” in New York. Guests can bring their plus one to attend this gala.

The ‘New York Forever’ makes a cut above the rest given the kind of physical perks it offers.