NFT artist Mimic Shhans clarifies about “Switch to English” tweet


  • Mimic Shhan tweeted that people should converse in English.
  • The majority of people found the tweet to be discriminatory.
  • Cute Black Cats is aiming to enter North America’s NFT market.

SHHAN, an NFT artist, earlier made the call to “shift to English” in the community chat, which went widely unanswered.

SHHAN explained to followers in his tweet on December 11 why he has prohibited postings on the community’s social media page written in Chinese. The users call this new measure discriminatory. 

But Shhan clarified his action and said that he told people on Twitter and Discord that his team is entering the North American market, and this is why he suggested people use the English language. 

He further said that when he conversed with holders from North America, the people told us they find it difficult to understand NFT as most of the tweets are in Chinese.

The artist then restated his opinion that the European and North American consumer markets are crucial for the planned Shhan metaverse, termed “Shhanverse,” and expressed his hope that people would switch to the more internationalized English language to converse about the project.

Mimic Shhan’s NFTs were launched in October. Cute black cats appear in different costumes and are listed on the Ethereum blockchain. This non-fungible token collection is very popular in China, with the majority of holders there too. 

On OpenSea, this collection has 2,001 holders and 285 Ethereum volumes traded. Mimic Shhans each have their own collection of outfits, attitudes, and accessories. It is available under a Creative Commons Zero license, which implies that anybody can use it for personal or commercial purposes.