Nissan partners with Grease Monkey Games’ Torque Drift 2; drops utility NFTs


  • Nissan collaborates and partners with Grease Monkey Games to create NFTs.
  • Torque Drift 2 by Grease Monkey Games will be dropping first ever Nissan NFTs.
  • T5 unique Nissan models will be released in the coming months and they’ll avail multiple variants in Torque Drift 2.

On Wednesday, Grease Monkey Games made an announcement about a historic collaboration and partnership with Japan’s reputed, Nissan Motor Company.

In a statement earlier, Grease Monkey Games claimed that Torque Drift 2 Motorsport will be the first worldwide digital experience, and NFTs of Nissan, NISMO, Infiniti, and Datsun will also be made available in the ecosystem.

They are planning to launch and release 15 unique Nissan models in the coming couple of months to a one-year timeline and will further avail multiple variants to the users and the holders in Torque Drift 2.

The Nissan non-fungible tokens are going to carry 5 variants of the 180SX model that will also include the cult-favourite Sil80, and furthermore, 7 other variants of the 370Z model that will also comprise the 50th Anniversary edition. 

Torque Drift 2 is basically a motorsports game that offers NFTs to the users and engages them in the virtual experiences to be integrated into Animoca Brands’ REVV Motorsport ecosystem.

Built on the uprising Polygon blockchain, this ecosystem is committed to terminating the network’s carbon debt, making this blockchain climate quite positive and friendly for the users and the market as a whole. Torque Drift 2 is going to deliver the most intense and immersive drifting experience in a completely eco-friendly manner.