OKX Rolls Out FLOKI for Spot Trading, Offers Flash Deals & Year-End Staking


  • OKX lists out all the deposits for FLOKI for Spot Trading.
  • OKX Earn offers special year-end APYs for 6 tokens comprising Dodge, Shib, etc.
  • Flash Deals also offer high APY on BTC & OAS.

OKX rolled out deposits for FLOKI on 15 December, followed by spot trading for USDT and USDC to be launched on 16 December consecutively, pushing further away the withdrawals for FLOKI to 17 December.

Trusted by 20 million customers across the globe, OKX is a mega Web3 ecosystem and the second biggest crypto exchange in terms of trading volume. OKX is well known in the industry for its reliable and fast-paced crypto trading app built for all professional traders and even investors.

On the other hand, FLOKI is the utility token of the FLOKI ecosystem. It has partnerships with mega football clubs and a Formula 1 team for strategic marketing on all levels. The Floki ecosystem is simply geared to provide people with apt control of their finances through key utility offerings. FlokiFi DeFi ecosystem, Valhalla Play2Earn Metaverse NFT Game, and FlokiPlaces NFT to name a few.

OKX Earn brings 60-day staking for 6 major tokens: Dodge, Shib, Kishu, Dome, Mana, & Babydodge, to be launched on 16 December. 

On 14 December, OKX Earn launched Flash Deals for OAS where the users were allowed to stake either OAS or BTC in order to earn OAS.

The high terms for staking circles around a total of five days. When OAS is staked, the APYs would be around 180% and the APYs would be around 52% when BTC is staked.