OpenSea announced new categories and tags; Excited to start showcasing them


  • Since the announcement of new categories and tags, creators have set tags on over 7000 of their projects.
  • The team will start displaying these categories and tags on collection and item pages from Monday, December 12th.
  • Pre-set categories are already there for some collections, but collectors do have the option to adjust them.

OpenSea, last week over the official Twitter handle, announced the new categories and tags. The idea is to make it the go-to place to help and educate the world about the new and latest types of projects. Since then, it has been seen the creators have set tags on around 7000 of their projects.

As per the news gathered, the team is very excited, and from Monday, December 12th, they will  start displaying these categories and tags on collection and item pages. This new update will now allow creators to set new categories and tags for their collections. 

As a result, it will be easy for designers to showcase the unique aspects of their work on OpenSea and for collectors to discover projects they are interested in.

Gaming, membership, PFPs, and sports collectibles are a few of the new categories announced. Also, collectibles and utilities those having limited use or are too broad will be removed. 

The team will be motivating the creators to pick their categories and tags. The platform already has pre-set categories for some collections, and collectors are totally free to adjust or change them. Also, if any of the category or tag is missing, they can tell the team about it. 

As seen in the above images, categories and tags will be mentioned on collection and item pages in a few different areas to keep collectors informed. This new update is just one of the few big changes that the team is planning in nearby future of the site. It will be exciting when these new features are unlocked and to see the response of the users.