OpenSea celebrates NFT artist Alida Sun on Twitter post


  • Alida Sun continues to explore generative art to let people experience something new.
  • Alida’s earlier inspirations were the Bauhaus and the underground scene in Berlin.
  • Alida taught herself to code and her art installations are displayed in exclusive art spaces.

Alida is making waves in the NFT space by pushing boundaries when it comes to how digital art can break away from the norms of traditional art and how humans experience art, shares OpenSea.

Alida, an accomplished artist, continues to push the boundary when it comes to the way art can be experienced. Despite her accomplishments, she relentlessly innovates and explores generative art. 

Alida’s initial artworks were inspired by the underground art scene in Berlin and the Bauhaus style of design. But she learnt coding on her own and later displayed her projection installations in some exclusive art spaces. 

Alida has done a substantial volume of work, from crafting physical materials to designing spatial projection shows. She has pulled off a true combination of analogue and digital that only a few can manage to showcase.

She wants to instil a sense of wonder in people who interact with her work.

Generative art allows for infinite transformation. Alida employs this idea in her work and has produced generative art for 1,305 straight days, so far. Each and every piece comes with a slight evolution of the previous.

She humbly acknowledges that we’re all still super early in the space and welcomes criticism as it makes the web3 ecosystem stronger.

Alida’s collection, Glitch Crystal Monsters, on OpenSea is also making waves at NFT marketplaces owing to her genius and experimental approach to art! 

@alidasun Twitter handle also showcases her daily sketch journey if you’re digging the kind of artwork Alida crafts.