OpenSea’s OpenRarity brings methodology improvements based on community feedback


  • OpenSea shares two significant methodology improvements made by the OpenRarity team to their ranking on the basis of the community feedback obtained.
  • The alterations have been built by the working group and might modify ranks for some collections.
  • OpenRarity brings trait count as part of the standard methodology along with a double sort. The team will also host a Twitter Space to share more context around these alterations.

In a recent revelation made on the official Twitter handle of OpenSea, it has been revealed that OpenSea is excited to share two methodology enhancements implemented by the OpenRarity team. The modifications to the methodology have come as a result of the feedback obtained from the community. 

The working group of which OpenSea is a part has made these changes, and there is a possibility that they might bring changes to ranks for some collections. In addition, as revealed, OpenRarity now includes trait count as a segment of the standard methodology. This was done as it was highly demanded by the collectors and creators on the platform. 

Following the addition of Trait Count, the users will see a more similar distribution of ranks with legacy calculations. Moreover, it will be able to push the ranks in the right direction. It came after the team received tons of feedback on not including Trait Count in their rarity collection methodology. 

What’s more? OpenRarity has got a “double sort” feature that carries out the sorting of items with at least one distinct attribute before applying information that uplifts the rankings of distinct items in collections. The tweet thread mentioned that a “double sort” first sorts by distinct traits and then sorts by information content. 

OpenSea added to its tweet thread another announcement that the OpenRarity team will be hosting Twitter Spaces to share more context around these alterations on October 20, Thursday. The Twitter Space will revealingly feature Curio,, and OpenSea. 

Not long enough, OpenSea carried out the launch of OpenRarity, which started with wonderful collections like Cool Cats NFT, Moonbirds, and Pudgy Penguins teams. On September 15, OpenSea made an announcement regarding the creation of a rarity protocol, OpenRarity, that was aimed at developing a transparent, open-source unique rating system for artists as well as customers.