Opera’s dedicated browser allows immediate NFT minting via Alteon LaunchPad


  • Opera has partnered with Alteon to support inexperienced users of Web3 and NFT to mint NFTs effortlessly.
  • There’s no platform usage fees and users can explore the NFT space freely.
  • Artists from various backgrounds can come forward to create NFTs.

Opera has joined Alteon LaunchPad to allow newbies of NFT and Web3 space mint non-fungible tokens easily. Users will have access to a feature that will allow them to drag and drop media files in the browser that will write a smart contract besides uploading the file into a blockchain to transform the files into non-fungible tokens. 

Users can share the media files with anyone they want as well as they can sell them on private marketplaces. Non-fungible tokens will be sent to an Opera-backed crypto wallet. Users who do not have the wallet can create it in the browser. 

The Alteon LaunchPad icon will be made available on Opera Crypto Browser’s left-hand sidebar in the first quarter of the upcoming year. 

Opera’s one of the executives, Susie Batt, shared that users can explore Web3 other than being a part of the ecosystem. Batt further said that now users can make non-fungible tokens immediately in a simple way without any platform usage fees, something that will motivate more individuals to discover the expanding NFT industry.

The tool will support users who have no prior Web3 experience to access the Web3 space. Having said that, artists from various backgrounds will be enabled to make non-fungible tokens in a simple way.

Alteon, a company, is behind providing the NFT minting tool. Alteon Co-founder Matt Cimaglia said that the integration intends to level the playing field for content creators belonging to different backgrounds. Through collaboration with Opera, the technical gap between the Web3 creator economy and traditional creatives will be bridged and everyone can benefit from the opportunities that will be offered by blockchain technologies.

Opera launched the beta version of Web3 browser to Android, Windows and Mac to enable users to access dApps, metaverse platforms and games. The project has also got an entry in the iPad and iPhone on April 15.

Opera Crypto Browser, the dedicated browser of Opera, has entered in the realm of NFTs through incorporation with a launchpad.

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